I have been making art for over thirty-five years. With this body of work, I have started at the end (the frame), to arrive at the beginning (the creative act). I see these relief sculptures as combinations of my paintings and sculpture, of humor and seriousness, and of my interest in concrete objects and in pushing the boundaries of abstraction. I have started with the frame: that overlooked object that contemporary painters have minimized or discarded. I work from drawings on paper, then whith cardboard models. These are transferred to bendable plywood, cut and shaped to fit in and around the frame. The pieces are then filled, sanded, primed and painted. I have sometimes missed using frames in my abstract paintings, but the compositions always engaged the edge of the painting and implied a space beyond that edge. With these reliefs, negative space really is just space, and the frame is transformed into a borderless object of the imagination.

© 2013 Fred Bendheim